What We Do


We Bring People Together, Enable High Performance, Facilitate New Ways of Working, and Develop Future-Focused Skills.

Everything we do is focused on helping you and your business assess and adapt to the consequences of global workplace trends that are making work more complex – socially, politically and technologically.

We work with you to explore what the trends mean for you, your colleagues and the business – how will your systems, skills and ways of working have to adapt? What will you need to do better or differently?

Having assessed what you need to do, we’ll help you do it – and crucially to learn and develop new skills from what you do. You’ll learn about engaging high performance approaches to work through real-life, project-based learning.

And along the way, we’ll show you how to experiment with social technologies to learn by doing, talking and reflecting together. As well as giving you engaging, on-the-job learning tools – like our Performance Assessment Guide and Personal Learning Spaces.

Let’s get started.

Bring People Together

We arrange creative, exploratory conversations that bring people together from across different knowledge disciplines, different industries, companies and functions.

Why? Because new, abstract and creative knowledge starts off as partly formed ideas buried in our heads. Ideas get clarified by bouncing off other people. And all this means that conversation is increasingly crucial in formulating new knowledge – we need to talk to other people.

More than that, we need to tap into ideas and perspectives outside of our own specialist knowledge. And this means talking across organisational boundaries.

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Enable High Performance

In all the current hoo-ha and excitement about the future of work, one thing seems to us to be largely overlooked and that is an existing legacy of learning on creating conditions for high performance – designing performance environments and influencing performance cultures where learning is sewn into everything and innovation is everyone’s business.

Anne Marie felt so strongly about this that she wrote a book, Smart Working: Creating the Next Wave. Things continue to move on, though. So we’ve summarised some of the insights from the book – and insights that continue to emerge – into nine, actionable high-performance principles that are the foundation of our Performance Assessment Guide.

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New Ways of Working

New ways of working is about the high performance principles in action. This is about making the transition to new ways of working, making a start, overcoming obstacles and what others have found useful in successfully making the transition to new ways of working. We help you think about what you are going to do and then help you on your way.

A particular theme woven through all that we do is to show you how businesses can take advantage of unprecedented developments in communication technologies – social, cloud and mobile technologies. They profoundly challenge traditional ways of working and learning.

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Develop Future-Focused Skills

There’s what you do – creating the conditions for high performance to emerge and making the transition to new ways of working.

And then there’s what you learn from what you do – this in turn develops skills and capabilities. How do we help you to develop fit-for-the future skills?

Our agile and experimental approach to project-based learning has evolved over ten years – Anne Marie was part of team that developed this innovative and highly practical approach to executive education at a university in the UK, and subsequently at another university in Moscow.

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And what are these future-focused skills? Read more here about how work’s becoming more complex and what this means for skills.