We help people and organisations to develop future-focused skills and capabilities.

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Diagnose, do something, learn from the experience.

Most people will have to acquire a range of social, thinking and performance skills to stay relevant in today's digitally-evolving workplaces. How can we help?


We can help you to do a 'big picture' scan of:

a. Your workplace context

b. Workplace trends

c. What needs to change?

d. Implications for skills and organisational capabilities?

Do something

We can help you think through your options for action:

a. What are they?

b. What are the drawbacks, advantages and constraints?

c. What do you want to do first?

Learn from the experience

Scope, design, experiment, reflect and iterate. Inquire, question and challenge.

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Network, self-determine, self-manage.

Connect to others

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More about our approaches to learning

A tale of two books.

Smart Working: Creating the Next Wave is Anne Marie's research-based book that was published by Gower in 2013.

Calling all Instigators! is the follow-up, which she digitally self-published in 2014. It was extensively revised in May 2015.

eBooks don't have to be digital versions of traditional books. They can be dynamic and interactive. An author might start the ball rolling but communities of readers can shape what the 'book' becomes. And they can incorporate all manner of media - images, videos, podcasts.

They can also be made available in chunks, making it easier for people who have no time to engage with the book's themes. So that's what I'm going to try to do - publish Calling all Instigators! in chunks through the blog.

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