We help you and your business to flourish through learning by doing, talking and reflecting together.

Is your work changing? Becoming increasingly complex?

We give you the tools and methods you need to make sure that you and your people's skills are up to the job as complexity increases.
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High performance work practices develop the skills you and your colleagues need – diverse, connected, creative.

The Smart Work Company helps you to put high performance approaches into practice - through real-life, project-based learning. And along the way, we'll show you how to use social technologies to learn by doing, talking and reflecting together.

Performance Assessment Guide

Use our Performance Assessment Guide (which includes a range of complementary tools) to explore the performance environment, cultures, and capabilities in your organisation - or part it.

How are external trends impacting on people and working practices? How do current cultures, working practices, and performance environments measure up against the high-performance principles? And what needs to change?

The Performance Assessment Guide is based on nine high performance principles that we've identified from our own experience and from decades of research.

We've helped organisations large and small, nationally and internationally, to make vital changes - using our practical approach to learning and applying these principles.

We can help you, too.

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